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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

25 Fésru 2371

It was past midnight and long before dawn when we had another alert. A great black stone was spotted to the northwest in the weak light of the two moons. The captain said that there were a lot of rocks like that in this area. We decided to sail cautiously with the current and spare the rowers, and bear to the south. Suddenly the captain threw himself down with his ear to the deck. He said that he could hear the humming that the Hlúss ships make. He had encountered them before. I tried to hear it myself, but couldn’t make it out with the growing commotion. Hlúss ships look nothing like anything humans could make. They are low domes, and some say they hover over the water. We changed course and hoped to speed to Point Chél or anywhere on the Livyáni coast rather than angle north to Laigás. A little later we heard rower’s drums. It could be a Livyáni or a Mu’ugalavyáni ship. If they were Mu’ugalavyáni, I hoped that they would meet the Hlúss ship and they could fight each other. We finally saw the first light of dawn in the east.

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