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Running a Tékumel campaign? We want to know!

Are you running a Tékumel campaign right now?  The Tékumel Foundation wants to know!  We’re interested in doing a better job connecting Tékumel fans with Tékumel games – and that’s where you come in.  We would like to know about your current Tékumel campaigns, so we can share it with the rest of the gaming community – and provide some rewards for people who are running games.  Just send us the following information:

  • How often do you meet (e.g. every Thursday night)?
  • Where do you meet?
  • The number of gamers in your Tékumel campaign
  • What’s currently going on in your Tékumel campaign
  • Contact information for you, including name, address, phone and email
  • Anything else you would like to share about your branch on the Tree of Time!

We’ll review the submissions we get and then share the info with other Tékumel fans after the turn of the year  – we’re working right now on the best way to do that (if you have ideas, let us know that, as well).  Thanks!

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9 thoughts on “Running a Tékumel campaign? We want to know!

  1. James Neal on said:

    My group plays on-line every Monday night using Roll20.

    We have four players in addition to the DM (we’re using D&D 5E as our game system) and the PCs are currently on a commission to try to produce a map pinpointing the location of the Garden of Weeping Snows.

    The focus is on straightforward dungeon-crawling fun – the main thing the setting gives us over “normal” D&D is a big bestiary of new creatures the players don’t know by heart yet.

  2. Kevin Leung on said:

    Happy to do so, but what’s the best way of contacting you?

  3. We game Wednesday nights. Just finished part 1 of a campaign. Waiting on text for Kurt Hills as I want to have part 2 explore this new detail of Tekumel.
    Releasing new material for the setting would be great. We are not getting any younger😊

  4. Hello. I would also want to share our experience playing Tekumel. My players find this world amazing. We are Mediterranean, so many of us don’t enjoy as much as British descendants do celtic or nordic campaign settings. We love Runequest but when we discover Tekumel we definetively fall in love with this rich world.
    We are a group of 5 players.
    Firstly, we had used D&D3.5 with many house rules to adapt the mechanics to Tekumel’s atmosphere. But, we find these mechanics quite inconsistent. Nowadays we are using a Runequest 6e (a D100 system) approach. We find it pretty satisfying.
    Regreatably, we are not native English speakers, so some of our progress and comments will not be properly written and what is more, maybe we could not express all our satisfaction enjoying this faboulous work.
    We feel mediterranean cultures share some cultural aspects in common with Tsolanyi. The concept of family, sharing life with neighbour’s… So we find quite confortable to act and play the roles of our characters.
    We are playing in Jakalah, our clan is as an invented clan of moderate-low status that is in charge of administrators protection, inheritance appraisals and tax collection (protect the collectors). So my players have adventure, investigation, fights, etc

  5. Stuart on said:

    I would be open to joining, or if necessary running a campaign.

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