The Tékumel Foundation

News about the World of Tékumel® – the creation of Prof. M.A.R. Barker

Website Changes Coming!

The Tékumel Foundation is in the process of revising the language on the Foundation website regarding submissions of new material to the Foundation.  We want to do a better job of letting people know how to present their proposals for Board approval – and that means more clarity on the website.  We expect to have new guidelines available sometime after the turn of the year, so you might want to wait before submitting anything new for Board consideration.

In other news, we are getting close to finishing the reprint of the original Empire of the Petal Throne rules.  The new edition will have color art on the cover, introductions by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson (of Captain Hárchar fame), a black and white map of the city of Jakálla, all four original reference sheets, and a citizenship document for the Empire of the Petal Throne!  We’re also hard at work on getting Flamesong and Lords of Tsámra released, as well.


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