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New projects in 2016

This is a second follow-up to our earlier blog post about plans for 2016 – we want to expand  and explain in more detail plans for new products for the upcoming year.  If you have suggestions or would like to be more involved, please let us know!

One of the important aspects of presenting the world of Tékumel is adding to the materials which have already been produced.  Quite rightly, fans are interested in creations from Professor Barker which expand their knowledge of this intricate and absorbing setting.  Here are some of the projects the Foundation is working to produce in 2016:

  • The original “mimeo” Empire of the Petal Throne is available in PDF form, but we want to make it available in a print-on-demand format, as well.  There are subtle differences between the playtest rules and the edition published by TSR, Inc.
  • The Jakállan Underworld, including maps and a reproduction of the key – this project has been in the works for some time, as we have been deciding what would be the best way to present it.  We now have a plan for that – and we think you will like it.
  • The Dlash Gazetteer and maps of the city in southern Livyanu, which features so prominently in The Lords of Tsámra.
  • Speaking of which, Flamesong and The Lords of Tsámra, in eBook and print forms.  Having Professor Barker’s novels available is something many of you have asked for – and we want to fulfill your request.
  • If we can fit it in, Armies of the Five Empires.  This would include information from the original army lists, as well as the military articles published in various periodicals.

There are other projects waiting in the wings: a Stability companion volume to The Book of Ebon Bindings, the Northeast Frontier maps and gazetteer, and other source material useful for gaming.  We will get to these as time and resources allow.  Help spread the word – run games, blog about your adventures, and share them with your friends.  The more source material people buy, the easier it is for the Foundation to produce new material.

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4 thoughts on “New projects in 2016

  1. How long does it take take to produce the etext of published novels? Do you actually have permission of the MAR Barker estate?

    When will these be available?


    • Victor Raymond on said:

      Actually it does take some time to publish the novels in any form. For example, new covers are required for at least two. The Foundation is also committed to ensuring that the text is proofread and as close as possible to the original edition. All of this is done with the full approval of the Barker estate. Hope that clarifies things.

      • Thank you for your reply – so at this point Man of Gold and Flamesong are the only two really in the market, correct?
        When will the others be expected to be released?
        How about Mitlanyál, Vol. 1 & 2?


      • Victor Raymond on said:

        There are five previously published novels: The Man of Gold, Flamesong, The Lords of Tsamra, Prince of Skulls, and A Death of Kings. We intend to publish all of them along with other unpublished work. We also want to get to Mitlanyal, as well – but all of this takes time and money! We’re working on it.

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