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The Man of Gold is now available!


The Tekumel Foundation is pleased to announce that The Man of Gold, Professor Barker’s first published novel, is now available as an e-publication from the following distributors:

Plans are underway for producing a print-on-demand version, which should be available shortly.  We are working to make Prof. Barker’s next novel, Flamesong, available later this year.  We hope you enjoy this new release, and we look forward to inviting a new generation of fantasy & science fiction readers to experience the world of Tekumel.

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12 thoughts on “The Man of Gold is now available!

  1. Great news! I just bought my copy. I hope you’re planning to (or already did) send this announcement to some of the larger SF news sites out there — Black Gate,, SF Signal, etc. I know several of them published obituaries for the Professor, so they’re at least knowledgeable about the world; it’d be great to get the word out as widely as possible …

  2. George Hammond on said:

    Have there been any changes in the text? is this an exact republication of the DAW version?

    • George Hammond on said:

      I’m asking this because the description of the new eBook edition includes this sentence: “Originally published in 1984, it has been carefully prepared for a modern audience.” I don’t really know what that means.

    • Victor Raymond on said:

      George – the biggest change between the DAW edition and the new ebook has been the restoration of diacritical accents (although some – such as the umlaut-and-accent – were not possible). Past that, there was a careful comparison between the prepared copy and Prof. Barker’s proof corrections to his original manuscript. There were a few places needing a judgment call, and we used Prof. Barker’s notes for direction in those cases. Hope that helps clarify things!

  3. zoebrain on said:

    Bought immediately. Can I hope for all the others being published too? I have this and Flamesong, but the others didn’t make it out here.
    I’ll be getting the e-Book of Flamesong anyway, of course.

  4. I’m not very technical with things like this, but how would I get this into iBooks?

    • George Hammond on said:

      The easiest way would be for the Foundation to offer the book for sale through the iBooks Store. Now that iBooks comes built in to iOS 8, Apple is getting millions of new users, so I think it would be wise for the Foundation to add iBooks to their purchase options. In the meantime, the iBooks app can read files in the EPUB and PDF format. I’m not positive, but it looks like the Kobo and Nook purchase options are actually selling you the book in EPUB format (unlike Amazon’s Kindle, which has a different file format that iBooks can’t read). So you could use a web browser (Safari, Firefox, etc) on a computer to purchase and download the file from Barnes & Noble or Kobo (see links in the post), add the file to your iTunes Library (File>Add to Library… ) then just sync your device to your iTunes library. I think you could probably do the whole thing on your iOS device, but I’m not sure exactly how you would download the EPUB file and transfer it into iBooks.

      • Joe H. on said:

        Or if you just want to read it on your iPhone/iPad, you could buy the Kindle or Nook version from Amazon or BN and use the Kindle or Nook app on your iPhone.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions, I might give the EPUB option a try – I don’t want to use the Kindle app as all my eBooks are in iBooks and it doesn’t make sense to me to have them in 2 different places; but yes, having iBooks as a purchase option would be really helpful.

  6. David on said:

    I bought the ebook from Kobo and it worked fine with my iBooks app, thanks for the help.

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