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Support the Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG!

The Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG Kickstarter project is now live! Please go to the Kickstarter homepage for this project and help make it a reality!


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2 thoughts on “Support the Béthorm: Plane of Tékumel RPG!

  1. The Bethorm RPG Kickstarter is getting strong support! Over 75% of its initial pledge goal, and 120+ backers after only 2 days. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported it thus far!

    -Jeff Dee

  2. 176 backers have carried the Bethorm: Plane of Tekumel RPG Kickstarter to its initial funding goal. My deepest thanks go out to each and every one of them!

    We’ve got some very nice stretch goals lined up to carry us through the remaining 20 days of the funding period, including the big one at $12000 where we can get Denis Loubet to do the cover painting. We’re very excited about that one, considering how great his color preliminary concept sketch is already.

    But enough of the sales pitch for now. We couldn’t be more thrilled, or more fired up to make Bethorm as awesome as it can be.

    -Jeff Dee

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