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Postscript for the Naqsái Adventure

Clarification and closure from Joe Zottola

I have been asked to clarify a couple of things. This is a write-up of an event from the game last night. Kherókh was a Shén played by me (Joe Zottola), Hékpa was an NPC Shén that Joe later also played. The Tlakotáni, Davé was a character belonging to Keith D.

To set this up, Davé used magic to move our ship, which had been happily sailing along the northern edge of the southern continent and off the western edge of the published maps. Davé had in his possession a plate[i] of Inter-planar travel that allowed the owner to move large objects through nexus points. At the instruction of his slave, Mridóbu, Davé used the plate and after a number of stops brought the ship to rest in a desert. He and his slave attempted to leave the ship, but Kherókh tried to stop them. The slave cast a spell immobilizing the Shén and they made their escape. After a number of adventures, Kherókh and the rest of the party found themselves in Béy Sü. The crew eventually made it back to civilization. This is what Hékpa and Kherókh did.
13th Fesru 2373- Béy Sü

Kherókh and I made our way from the clan house of Golden Bough and proceeded to the Tlakotáni clan house. Once there Kherókh asked if Davé hiTlakotáni was in residence. The Gate Guard went inside to check. The guard found Davé and informed him that two person’s wished to see him. Davé asked who they were and the door guard responded that they were Shén.
Da’ve thought for a moment, and realized that these may be the same Shén he left in the desert six months ago during that wasted time they spent traveling. He told the guard to tell them he had gone to Usenánu.

The guard returned to the gate to find the Shén still there. He informed them that Davé had instructed him to tell them that Davé was in Usenánu. You could almost see the brain of Kherókh strain to process the words. Finally Kherókh reached into his pouch and handed the guard 20 assorted gems, telling him that perhaps these would allow him to direct them to Davé.

The guard thought for a moment and said, “Davé is a busy man. Perhaps I can deliver your message for him.”

Kherókh and I laughed and then Kherókh explained that they were friends of Davé and he would want to see us.
The guard explained that the Tlakotáni were a proud and noble people who did not have time for trivial matters. Kherókh thought for a moment and offered the guard 1 ingot of a silvery grey metal. The guard, upon seeing the ingot, told Kherókh that he was seriously tempted. Kherókh then produced another bar of the metal. The guard’s eyes grew large realizing he could finally retire from this job and move his family to Usenánu.

The guard told Kherókh that he was going to go down the passage to the left, and if Kherókh wished, he and his companion could go down the other hall, take the stairs up to the next hallway and what they sought was behind the third door on the left.

With that, the guard left down the other passageway. Kherókh and I proceeded as directed by the guard. We growled at couple of servants in the hallways as we passed, causing them to scurry away.

We reached the door and. Kherókh knocked. A servant asked who it was. Kherókh told him he had a message for Davé hiTlakotáni. The servant opened the door and we pushed our way in as the servant protested.
Kherókh told me to silence the servant I reached out with my claws and crushed his neck. Funny thing about humans; when you do that they make a satisfying popping noise. After removing the servant I secured the door. Kherókh made his way into the chamber to find his target on resting on a couch.

Davé looked up to see a seven foot Shén looking at him with its teeth bared. Kherókh asked Davé if he remembered him. Davé in a flash realized that this indeed was the Shén from the ship. Davé rolled off the couch and screamed as Kherókh advanced towards him. Davé quivered in fear as Kherókh reached forward with his claw. As Kherókh’s claws grasped Davé’s neck, he screamed. With that Kherókh squeezed his claws tightly around Davé’s neck which made a satisfying popping sound as it was crushed, killing him instantly. With the job done and vengeance achieved, I asked Kherókh, “What we do now?”

The door was being pushed on from the outside by guards trying to gain entrance. Kherókh went and looked out onto the balcony. He came back and moved a couch in front of the door. Kherókh then informed me we would be climbing down the outside of the clanhouse.

We made our way out off the balcony and onto the ledges. I was in the lead and Kherókh followed. As I proceeded down the side of the clanhouse, I heard a breaking sound above me and saw Kherókh fall to the ground.  I made my way down to find him injured but still alive.
Unfortunately clan guards had filled the courtyard.

I looked at  Kherókh and told him, “Vengeance not all it cracked up to be.”

Kherókh  responded today a good day to die.

As we stood waiting for the humans to attack I asked him what would happen to my crab? He responded, “Don’t know.”

The guards rushed us and we killed many but soon they overpowered us. Kherókh went down under a pile of 10 humans and did not get up. I, Hékpa, too succumbed finally to the rush of guards.
In the end we had sent 30 guards with us to the Isles.

14th Thesru 2373
Clanmasters office Tlakotáni clanhouse.

The clanmaster was deep in thought trying to figure out why two Shén would attack a member of his clan. Luckily the guards had responded quickly dispatching the Shén at the cost of 30 dead and 10 wounded. He just wished it had happened somewhere else. Now he was going to spend the next couple of days listening to the OAL ask questions to which he had no answers
To Tiríku hiTlakotáni, Clanmaster, Béy Sü.

From Davé hiTlakotáni

Dearest Father,

I Wish to thank you for your hospitality and the quick use of the priests of Keténgku. My neck still makes a cracking noise when I turn it quickly to the left, but I am otherwise well.

I have asked the servant who gave you this message to wait until I had been on the road for several days before he delivered it to you. I am afraid this missive will bring up more questions than it buries but I will do my best.

The two Shén who attacked me are two of the Shén that were on the ship I was recently sailing. I will begin at the beginning.

I was requested by the clan master in Jakálla to travel to Ssamrís Isle. There I was met by an agent from Avanthár. He gave me a box and arranged passage on a ship. I was to take the box to Tsámra and deliver it to a woman named Fireface. It was a secret gift from the Petal Throne to help with the Livyáni resistance. This was easily accomplished. It was then that I was told that the ship I was travelling was not returning to the Empire but was in fact continuing on to the southern continent. I tried several times to reason with the captain, even going as far to demand that he take me, a Tlakotáni, back immediately. I was met by a wall of disinterest to my plight.

We traveled for days and days. At one point we pulled in to a small harbor for supplies. Some of the party went forth and came back with two slaves that were said to know the coast ahead and help guide the ship. One of the slaves looked oddly familiar to me. I spent some time racking my brain and it came to me. I had seen this man, though
younger then, in the clan house in Jakalla. This was a Clan cousin.
I arranged to purchase the slave and immediately freed him. I set him up with what comfort I could in my cabin. We talked for hours at a time on how he came to be in that city. A trust grew. A friendship grew.

Several days later we came into another place. I disembarked from the ship this time and was taken to a warehouse where I was given a large plate with many strange designs. I took it back to the ship and was told by my new friend to keep it close. We traveled for several weeks and arrived at a strange town. The people of this place came on board the ship and felt inclined to take whatever they wanted of ours and leave in its place their ragged goods. This was unacceptable to me so I locked myself in my room. After several days I was told that the captain had been taken by the villagers and killed. As we tried to leave the harbor the villagers stood on the shore and chanted some strange words. The wood of our ship began to rot at a rapid rate. We would sink quickly if something was not done. My new friend and advisor told me to return to the cabin. When we got back to the cabin, I took out the plate and the Tlakotáni gave me instructions in its use. I did as he told and the ship was magically transported to the harbor near Vrá. The captain decided we should sail to Jakálla. It was on the second day of our trip to Jakálla that the Tlakotáni confided in me that he could not return to the empire as he was in exile and that the OAL would seek him out and kill him if he were found out. I decided to help him and again activated the plate. We were transported to an inhospitable place. I activated it again, again someplace bad. On the third try we ended up in the middle of a desert. Before I could again activate the device there was a group of ship’s marines breaking down the door to our cabin. They attacked us. I killed one and the Tlakotáni killed several others.


We decided to flee the ship. We dashed up to the main deck and were confronted by the Shén warriors. One of the Shén, the one I believe attacked me at the clanhouse, grabbed me by the neck. Before any damage could be done the Tlakotáni touched the Shén and he collapsed. We dropped to the sand and dashed into the desert. We activated the plate and arrived at a place called the Isle of Eyes. We were met by one Mengán. I traded the plate to Mengán for safe passage for the Tlakotáni and me. The Tlakotáni and I gave each other our goodbyes and separated. I took a passage and ended up in Béy Sü. I have no idea where the Tlakotáni went.

The day of the attack I was told that a Shén wanted to see me. I had no idea it was the Shén from the ship until he attacked. I remember nothing after that.

As I said earlier, I think this will bring up more questions than it answers, but I felt you were at least owed some explanation. Should you ever journey to Sokátis I will be pleased to offer you hospitality.

Signed this day, 19th Fésru, 2373, Davé hiTlakotáni


[i] I had it in my notes as a mirror. GF.

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