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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

30 Dohála 2371

Just as dawn was breaking we saw a low dome-shape floating in the sea. It appeared to be a little over two dháiba at the highest point and was a glittering brown colour. Even from this distance we could see the immense thing was rolling over. It stopped when it looked at us with one huge eye. The sailors were terrified, but to their credit they kept working. I admit it was an unnerving experience. Fortunately the ákho showed no interest in us and it slipped below the water with barely a ripple.

We skirted the area and left it behind. Soon we began to pass debris from a shipwreck. This was most likely to be the work of the ákho and the reason that the Mu’ugalavyáni ship fled past us so quickly.

Bodies floated by. We didn’t see any with tattoos, so we assumed they must be Mu’ugalavyáni rather than Livyáni.  We sailed on as quickly as we could and as the day wore on the stench from the sea became nauseating.


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