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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

28 Dohála 2371

Finally there are signs of civilisation. We put in at a neat city of white roofed buildings that run right down to the shore and some into the sea. The Shén moored the ship to rings set in the roofs of some of the buildings that are half submerged. Oténeb told us that the buildings are made from bricks carved from densely packed shells. We were still some way out, so we took a dinghy to the shore. The villagers came out to trade walking along both roads and gangways. They were clothed in flowing robes that covered their bodies and spoke in at least a half dozen unknown languages.  I noticed that some of them carried stone weapons. They offered us oils, liquors, incense, glassware, and perfumes. Mridék traded for a pot that resembled Davé’s dagger. The design that looked like the seven lights we saw in the night sky seemed to be popular here. We learned that the pot was a replica of a much older one, and Mridék was invited to the workshop where it was made. There he saw a much older pot that had similar decorations and an inscription that ran in a spiral down the inside.

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