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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

23 Dohála 2371

Our water retrieval operation was nearly complete when a column of dust was seen in the desert. We decided to pack up in a hurry and continue up the coast.

Davé had found a dagger in the water up at the tower that he now felt was inhabited or cursed. When he went to his cabin he found his slave Mridóbu changed to a dripping, pulsing mass, almost as if he had been turned inside out. Davé attempted to leave the ship in one of dinghies, but Mridék persuaded him to stay. Davé reluctantly agreed, but he moved his quarters onto the deck and said that he would only drink water that was older, or that he had magically produced himself.

That evening Mridék called a meeting. We learned from Chatán’s slave Oténeb that the dagger wasn’t cursed, but instead would protect Davé. Mridék asked to see the dagger, and when he touched it the symbols on the blade glowed blue. Mridék then went to Mridóbu’s body and touched it with the dagger. Mridóbu was immediately restored and whole.

That night we saw seven unusual lights in the sky. Towards the shore we saw translucent green glowing rocks.

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