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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

23 Pardán 2371

We sighted plumes of smoke on shore. Vakúlaz said that we should put in if we needed supplies, but everything seemed to be fine. There was a small island off the end of Point Sarír, but we didn’t stop there. The land was rocky, mountainous, and bitter looking. Chatán fished, more for something to do than for food. He pulled out a monstrous thing covered in spikes. Tékuna hit it with an oar and after we examined it we threw it back into the ocean.

fish 2


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One thought on “Journey to the Naqsái Lands

  1. Giovanna on said:

    A note about the illustrations here…
    On a typical Thursday night when we encountered creatures, I would listen as Phil described them and then ask (in character) about details, sketching as I went. At some point I’d either slide the sketchbook over to him, or if it seemed I was getting too absorbed in the drawing, he’d motion for me to hand it over. Then he’d scrutinise it and either draw over it, or if there was room, alongside my drawing. The important thing was to draw what he meant to describe. The creatures had to be true to his vision. Sometimes he couldn’t explain why they were that way, but that was the way they were. This fish, for instance has teeth facing both ways. Why? Don’t know, but if the Professor wanted it that way, then that’s the way it is.
    This fish is a long, primitive, gar-like thing with wide fins and spines that stick out randomly from between the scales. The gill is behind the fin on its cheek. It’s a nasty piece of business, and probably tastes awful!

    ~ Giovanna

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