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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

2 Pardán 2371

A ship with red sails headed toward us. Mu’ugalavyáni. The marines are called up. An officer called out to us that we were to prepare for boarding from customs officials. A grappling hook was thrown over and padded logs were lowered to protect the ships as they were drawn together. We threw a rope ladder down to their ship. The Mu’ugalavyáni captain and his guard came aboard. He interviewed our captain and commander and then briefly talked to the rest of us. We learned that we were 100 Tsán north of Foshaá and could be there tomorrow. We were warned not to use magic of any sort in Livyánu. Zagár arranged for a small gift to go with the captain and after he left, the ships disengaged. We continued west and saw a range of low hills to the north. They marched straight down to the sea. As we continued, we saw small houses and lush green lands.

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