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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

26 Fésru 2371

In all the confusion yesterday I realised that I hadn’t seen Tikhá. I looked for Zagár since he knew their language. When I found him later he told me that Moróch told him that she’d thrown herself overboard rather than travel with people who kept slaves. Curious.

I took the watch for midmorning while Arogái went below to rest. There was a strong tailwind today. We spotted heavy grey seabirds. The captain said that these birds range far out to sea and are not an indicator that we were near land. In the afternoon I went below to get some sleep. It seems as if all the excitement happens at night, so I figured I had better get some rest before my watch.

I rose at about sunset. There was still a good breeze from behind the beam. The captain told me that we were bearing for the Livyánu coast and that we could find our port once we sighted land.

The captain pointed out a huge grey ball of seaweed. Tékuna recognised it as a type of seaweed that is covered with spiders. Ships become mired in the seaweed and the spiders overrun the ship. When we looked closer we could see masses of movement scuttling all over the seaweed. He said that it was more common on the other side of Livyánu.

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