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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

20 Fésru 2371

We are passing the shores of Penóm. Even from this distance it is noisome and the insects are annoying. Yellowish mud stains the sea here. It’s carried down to the sea by the rivers and is filling in the shore. There are no diligent barges and dredging here. Eventually this place will become mudflats and this awful landscape will extend even further. From here we can see a fog of insects hovering over the shore. The cook has told the captain that some of our food has begun to spoil already.

Later in the day the weather changed as we turned toward Ngéshtu Head. The sea is getting choppy. The Head rises up looking like a grey mountain in the dusk. There is much yelling and confusion, probably because the ship’s boy assigned to the crow’s nest fell asleep again. I’m sure Chatán will assign him to the marines at the next opportunity.

After dark we pulled in to the island off Ngéshtu Head. I can see trim white buildings lining the harbour. A light rain is falling. The Shén climb over the side and secure the ship so the harbourmaster can come aboard. He told us that the tide will come in at mid-morning and that he intended to spend the night on the ship.

We also have another passenger now. His name is Tikkúna, and he is a hunter in the employ of Prince Rareshqálla. He is accompanied by two servants and has much luggage and weaponry. Ssurgásh, the Shén who works as the ship’s supercargo will be busy tomorrow supervising the loading and unloading of supplies.

We learn that Laigás, Heméktu, and Ssámris are held by the Mu’ugalavyáni. There have been uprisings and their hold is tenuous.

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