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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

18 Fésru 2371

The captain decided that every  morning at dawn he will meet with Arogái and me.

We were still in the delta area of the river. By mid-afternoon we finally caught sight of the open sea. The sky is a beautiful blue, so much brighter than in Jakálla. We turned starboard and headed along the coast. At dusk we turned to the west. As the moons rose, the captain showed me how to use them for navigating at night.

19 Fésru 2371

At dawn we had our meeting and a lesson from the captain. Today we learned how to turn the ship by trimming and moving the sails. During his lecture, the captain noticed Chatán, the first mate fishing off the stern. There was some commotion because he’d caught something. The captain ordered him to cut his line because it had snagged a type of algae that would climb the line and dissolve any human that it contacted. The captain warned us all that any fish in these waters were dangerous and that all the edible fish schooled closer to the shore. Chatán was very disappointed.

Later in the day there was discussion as to whether we should stop in Penóm. The captain wanted to avoid it, but Chatán had a reason that he wanted to put in there. By all accounts it is a dreadful place full of stench and insects and disease. It was decided to pass Penóm and head on to Ngéshtu Head where we will take on fresh water and supplies.

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