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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

17 Fésru 2371

I returned to the ship early and was called in to a meeting. There was some commotion last night and a crew member was murdered. It was not known who did it or why. Our commander feels that the ship needs a proper blessing before we head out and so an effort was made to secure the services of a priest of Chegárra. As we waited I met with the navigator and the captain, Vakuláz, a Livyáni who knows these waters well. We will go out the channel and around Point Kuné and then head towards Penóm. From there we will make for Ngéshtu Head and on to Ssámris We arranged for more meetings to discuss navigation.

We continued to wait for the blessing. I offered my services, but the blessings of Lord Thúmis are apparently not appropriate for this situation. Finally around mid-morning an elderly gentleman appeared. He was an uncle of the first mate.

While the ritual was underway an officer of the Omnipotent Azure Legion approached. We were all interviewed about last night’s murder. He was also looking for a dangerous Livyáni woman who is a famous thief.

Just before mid-day we finally cast off. By late afternoon we were into the channel. Small boats came up beside us to sell last minute goods, foodstuffs, and water. Our navigator, Arogái, was disappointed when he could not find a vendor selling his favourite type of melon.

We continued down the channel. There are dredging barges cleaning the harbour and channel of all the silt brought down from the river, keeping this clear was an endless task. We also saw the black Shén ships and many small boats that guide and tow the larger ships in and out of the harbour. We sailed on through the night.

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One thought on “Journey to the Naqsái Lands

  1. These are wonderful! I’m already caught up in the adventure, can’t wait for the next one 🙂

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