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Journey to the Naqsái Lands

I was sorting through some of the papers I brought with me from the US, and one of the items I came across was a notebook I used for recording the Thursday Night game in Phil’s basement. Back around the summer of 2001  we went on a voyage headed towards the Southern Continent. My notes are incomplete, but they do tell the story of the voyage from Jakálla to the Naqsái lands beginning in the year 2371.  It’s written from the point of view of my character, so if any of the other gamers at that time want to chime in with their perspective, it would be both fun and interesting.

The adventure will be serialised both on the Tékumel Facebook page and on the blog. It’s not a very long adventure, but needless to say there will be new bits of source material in the story. I hope that it might also be an interesting resource for your own games.

~ Giovanna Fregni



My name is Atín híSsankóral and this is the record of the voyage I am to undertake.

15 Fésru 2371 in the reign of our Emperor Mirusíya, may he be ever glorious.

I was told by my temple that I am to accompany an expedition to explore the Southern Continent. I am unsure as to why I have been assigned this duty. I was born a Tsolyáni citizen and have never left her borders. Perhaps one higher in the Temple of Thúmis has seen that I have talents that would be of use to our temple and that of the expedition. I know that I am young, but I have studied well and am observant. I have never been at sea, although I have enjoyed travelling up and down the great Missúma River.

I have said my goodbyes to all at the Amber Cloak Clanhouse here in Jakálla. My bags are packed and my servants will deliver them to the ship this afternoon.

16 Fésru 2371

Our ship is a large one, a two masted tnék called the Kháng Miréng. It has a symbol of Cheggára above the lantern at the rear of the ship. I have met the officers of the crew and feel comfortable in their company. Our commander is a Molkár of the Golden Sphere. His name is Mridék híTukkólel. He is of high clan, Golden Sunburst and worships the god Cheggára, as does his cousin, Chatán, who is the first mate. Our navigator is Arogái híTuplágte, a pleasant man from The Might of Gánga clan who worships the god Hnálla. My job is to assist him in navigation and record keeping. I will be sharing a cabin with him and the quartermaster. I learned that we are on a trading mission, and also to explore for Prince Rareshqálla.

I’ve also met Zagár híMrékka. He is a merchant looking to expand his trade in the south. There is also a Shén on board. I have often seen them on the streets of Jakálla, but have never had the opportunity to meet one. I feel constantly curious and hope to learn more about these creatures.

In the afternoon I returned to my temple and received the blessings of one of the higher priests. Since I will be gone a long time away from my home and country, I decided to spend one last night there. I welcomed the priest’s company as he did mine.

Our ship leaves on the tide at midmorning. I was given a gift of fragrant tetél flowers.

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4 thoughts on “Journey to the Naqsái Lands

  1. Yay! I’m looking forward to reading all about your trip.

  2. Thanks for this, Ms Fregni … I too am looking forward to a wonderful voyage!

    And please continue to post here also (I don’t use Facebook).

    • gfregni on said:

      I intend to keep the adventure updated here as often as I can, which will probably be daily with an occasional day off. Facebook reaches a lot of people, but is too ephemeral. Posts tend to get lost as the timeline moves on. I hope that eventually this will be edited into a single document that people can easily access.

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