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Upcoming Games

One of the activities that Prof. Barker often encouraged people to do was to actually play games set in Tekumel.  To that end, we’d like to point out upcoming games that people have announced.  If you have the chance, go check them out:

Chirine Ba Kal is running an event in St. Paul, Minnesota happening TODAY.  From the emails about it: “the folks at the Fantasy Flight Games Event Center have very nobly stepped up to the plate, and so our annual David L. Arneson Memorial Maritime Miniatures Mayhem Event in combination with the M. A. R. Barker Memorial Invitational Pro-Am Miniatures Event will occur on Saturday, June 8th, at noon at the Event Center.

Later in the year, Tim Harper intends to run the following: “I am going to run my 2nd Empire of the Petal Throne 1-shot this year in November.  The blurb for it follows after.  The artifact in question is one that was attained at great cost during last year’s 1-shot.  It can summon the Legion of Despairing Dead (see Lord Srukarum from the Book of Ebon Bindings) for roughly one year’s time.  The Temple of Sarku has this artifact.  How would you run it?  What would you do with it?”  (probably at UCon)

Victor Raymond is running a regular Empire of the Petal Throne campaign at Pegasus Games in Madison, Wisconsin on Tuesday nights:  “Mighty Jakalla!  Adventurers fresh from the Southern Continent seeking their fortunes in the City Half as Old as the World. Delve into ancient tombs in the Underworld, or seek adventure elsewhere in the Five Empires. Set in the world of Tekumel, using the original 1975 TSR game with house rules.”

What Tekumel games are YOU running or playing in?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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One thought on “Upcoming Games

  1. Bob Dushay on said:

    I’ll be running a game at Dexcon July 4th weekend in Morristown, NJ. I’ll be using the Reign rules to handle a military encounter against Kilulammuyani bandits in Chaigari.

    –Bob Dushay

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