The Tékumel Foundation

News about the World of Tékumel® – the creation of Prof. M.A.R. Barker

FAQ: Making Copies

The following is an excerpt from the Policies FAQ on the website:

Q: I want to make copies from a Tékumel book for a game I am running. Can I?

A: Those copies would be considered copies made for personal use.
The Foundation has a liberal fair use policy for personal use of Tékumel materials. Fans are free to make copies of up to a few pages at a time to support playing games within the World of Tékumel, including scanning copies to a computer, creating spreadsheets which automate processes within the game, or making copies of pages as handouts for players. These personal, non-public uses are all permissible. However, you may not create and/or distribute copies in such a way that it hurts the market for Tékumel books or products, for example by posting a copy of one or more pages from a book on a website.

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