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New cover art for The Man of Gold?

Man of Gold

The Tékumel Foundation is planning on re-releasing The Man of Gold later this year, and we’re interested in your ideas for cover art. Michael Whelan’s original cover for The Man of Gold, Professor Barker’s novel published originally by DAW Books, is a gorgeous work of art that unfortunately has very little to do with the actual story.

We think a new cover for the new edition ought to have something to do with the story and the world of Tékumel. What do YOU think? Tell us your ideas for the new cover art for The Man of Gold.  We will carefully consider all of the suggestions in choosing what will appear on the cover of the new release.

Let us know what you think would make the best cover!

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14 thoughts on “New cover art for The Man of Gold?

  1. Jeremy on said:

    Thanks for working on this rerelease! I just wanted to put in a plug for an ebook version, like for Amazon’s Kindle. Many fans may want a nostalgic collector’s item, but some of us just want to read the book in the most useful format for us.

    • Victor Raymond on said:

      That’s in the works, as well. We’ve gotten a LOT of comments from people wanting an eBook version, so we’re making sure that’s part of the re-release.

      • Jeremy on said:

        Awesome. Thanks!

      • Richard Bodley Scott on said:

        Sadly I lent my copy to person or persons forgotten many years ago and never got it back. So I would really like a Kindle version to relive the happy memories of the book, and playing EPT when it first came out almost 40 years ago OMG.

    • Never seen that cover but while also not AFAICT particularly related to anything that happens in the book it really does have that Sword and Planet feel.

      And somebody has a ‘new’ paperback on sale on amazon for $224 – unbelievable.

  2. I vote for the current cover art! Frankly I just want a non-mass market edition!

  3. Joe H. on said:

    I wouldn’t necessarily mind getting Man of Gold & Flamesong in editions uniform with the Zotpub trades of Lords of Tsamra, etc. But that’s probably not the best choice if you’re trying to get mass-market sales as opposed to reselling to all of us.

  4. “Uniformity” is one reason why the Foundation may prefer to not re-use the original cover art by Michael Whelan. Even supposing Mr. Whelan were to somehow allow or donate reuse of the original artwork, the Foundation is unlikely to be able to afford the subsequent covers necessary for a uniform look and feel for the set.

  5. George Hammond on said:

    Since there are lots of copies of Man of Gold out there already, I think you’d get many more sales (especially to existing fans) if you included an index.

  6. George Hammond on said:

    I took Joe H to mean that he’d like to see editions of the first two novels that are uniform with the existing Zotpub covers. The Foundation would only need to get new covers for two books, not the whole set (assuming the Foundation has the rights to the Zotpub editions).

  7. Joe H. on said:

    Yes, that’s what I meant — MoG and Flamesong uniform with the existing Zotpub covers.

    Having said that (and although I do love the Whelan cover for Man of Gold — that was my first real introduction to Tekumel), in some ways I think the Richard Hescox cover for Flamesong might have been more “accurate” in its portrayal of the world.

  8. The art and illustrations for the later books are very weak; avoid that “self published, low budget” look at all costs if you want to sell any of them. Perhaps the artist working on the ‘bethorm’ game can do some cover art…

  9. Perhaps an updated, more Tsolyáni-style version of the original? I would be overjoyed if the character on the front looked genuinely Tsolyáni.

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