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FAQ: What is the Legacy Line?

What is the “Legacy Line?”  The “Legacy Line” refers to all previously published game material for the World of Tekumel.  This includes roleplaying games, such as Empire of the Petal Throne and Swords & Glory, source material such as S&G Vol. I: the Tekumel SourcebookThe Book of Ebon Bindings, The Tsolyani Grammar, and games such as War of Wizards.  It also includes miniatures related material such as Deeds of the Ever-Glorious, Armies of Tekumel Vol. I-VI, and related materials.  It is the intention of the Foundation to continue securing the rights to previously-published game materials and make them available once again.  Unfortunately there may prove to be some situations in which this is not possible.

How does the Foundation plan to republish old material?  Currently, the Tekumel Foundation has over thirty items available as PDF downloads through DriveThruRPG.  The Foundation is working to scan and prepare previously published materials and expand the line at DriveThruRPG.  In some case, the Foundation may decide to update old materials with higher quality art and/or updated material to maintain quality and consistency with other products.  When this happens, the updated material will be clearly marked as such.

What about print copies of old material? The Foundation is working to convert PDF files to print-on-demand (POD) format, allowing Tekumel fans to obtain physical as well as electronic copies of their favorite items from the past.  As new POD products are made available, we will make sure that Tekumel fans get all of the necessary information to order them.

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