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FAQ: What is the Tekumel Archive?

Barker Archive-Horus

An Egyptian god miniature in Prof. Barker’s Tekumel collection

What is the Tekumel Archive? The Tekumel archive includes all of the materials created by Prof. Barker during his lifetime that are related to the world of Tekumel.  This includes, but is not limited to, all of the games and fiction related to Tekumel, such as:

  • Games: War of Wizards, Empire of the Petal Throne as published by TSR, Inc., Swords & Glory, Gardasiyal and the Adventures on Tekumel series, and Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne from Guardians of Order.
  • Fiction: Man of Gold, Flamesong, Prince of Skulls, Lords of Tsamra, and A Death of Kings, as well as The Book of Ebon Bindings.
  • Miniatures game materials: Missum!, The Armies of Tekumel, vol I-VI, and Deeds of the Ever-Glorious.  Other related materials include works written by other authors, such as Legions of the Petal Throne and Qadardalikoi.

The Tekumel archive also includes a range of three-dimensional materials related to the World of Tekumel:

  • Prof. Barker’s miniatures collections, including armies of Tekumel as well as armies for Ancient Egypt, the Medieval era, and the Valley of the Four Winds.  There are a range of role-playing related miniatures, as well.
  • The globe of Tekumel, showing the Five Empires and surrounding areas in the northern hemisphere of the planet.
  • Artwork of various kinds, some of it already presented as part of other Tekumel-related publications.
  • …and the magnificent Temple of Vimuhla, now in need of restoration work.

There is much more besides this, as well.  In truth, an entire catalog of the materials in the archive would take many pages to complete.  One of the major tasks of the Tekumel Foundation is to preserve this material and make it available to the gaming and general public to heighten awareness of the World of Tekumel.

Are there materials in the archive that have not been published, as of yet? Yes.  The precise extent of these materials is not yet defined, but current estimates range towards several thousand pages of manuscript materials in print form, more thousands of pages stored on computer media (and being backed-up for safekeeping, too!), and many boxes of other materials.  As time progresses, the Tekumel Foundation will be working on releasing new material from this part of the archive.  The “voice” of Prof. Barker will be with us for many years to come, as it will take some time to properly edit and present even some of the “hidden gold” now stored in the archive.

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3 thoughts on “FAQ: What is the Tekumel Archive?

  1. Karin Karejanrakoi on said:

    ‘The “voice” of Prof. Barker will be with us for many years to come…’

    I look forward to it!

    Much snapping of fingers for Victor and all the other archivists too!


    Sally Abravanel

  2. Any chance of the three later Tekumel books being published on Kindle. I bought the first two many years ago in paperback, but I really can’t justify paying $125.00 for a second-hand copy of Prince of Skulls 🙂

    • Victor Raymond on said:

      The Foundation is planning to release all five of the previously-published novels in eBook format. Right now, we’re looking at the appropriate ways of doing that.

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