The Tékumel Foundation

News about the World of Tékumel® – the creation of Prof. M.A.R. Barker

FAQ: What is the Tekumel Foundation?

Once a week, we are going to provide a question and answer about the Tekumel Foundation.  As time progresses, we will be assembling these posts into a FAQ for the Foundation.  Enjoy!

What is the Tekumel Foundation? The Tekumel Foundation exists to encourage, support and protect the literary works and all related products and activities surrounding Professor M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tékumel and the Empire of the Petal Throne. The Foundation was formed in 2008 by Prof. Barker, his wife Ambereen Barker, and members of the Thursday Night Group, his longtime group of gamers.

What does the Tekumel Foundation specifically do?  The Tekumel Foundation is primarily responsible for three main tasks:

  1. Preserve the Tekumel Archive.  This includes all of the written and artistic material created by Prof. Barker during his lifetime.
  2. Make previously-published Tekumel materials available to the public.  This involves the re-release of older Tekumel material, usually referred to as the “Legacy Line.”
  3. License new material to be “approved for Tekumel.”  This includes any and all new creative efforts set in or connected to Tekumel and Prof. Barker.

Other tasks related to Tekumel and Prof. Barker are also part of the mission of the Foundation.

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