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Blue Room Archives – Status

About a month ago, there was some discussion on the Tekumel Yahoo Group about the Blue Room archives. I had assumed that they were available on the Tekumel Web site. I discovered that was not the case, and that some had been posted on the Tekumel file area, but not all of them.

Knowing the everlasting struggle of file space availabilty on the group page, I chatted with Brett and mentioned that I would talk with Peter and get the archive files back up on the Tekumel Web site and that he should probably delete the ones in the file area on the group. He readily agreed. I packed up the Blue Room account files off my work server and brought them home and restored them on my home server. I was about to get into working with them when my life took a bit of a tumble (it seems to happen occasionally).

A couple of days later, I was on my way home from work and got creamed by a vehicle turning left into the front driver’s side of my truck, totaling it. No injuries were received by either side thankfully. Other than my truck. It took me about a week and 3 days off work to deal with my insurance issues, and another week and 3 days off work to secure a new vehicle. So, this chapter is now done, and I am finally able to give the archive the attention it deserves (once I finish writing this little explanation/status report). 🙂

I plan to visually inspect and check each digest as I have them. It seems that the final digest was not created, so I will also finish compiling that from the existing messages. I hope this won’t take too long, as I’m already behind a bit on this project. The Foundation is being very nice and allowing me to keep my blog account so you might hear me wax poetic (or not so poetic) on things Tekumel here from time to time.

So, lacking any further interruptions, I’m off to work on digests. If anyone has any questions just leave a comment and I’ll try to get to you as soon as I can. I will post to the Yahoo group and probably write a little here to announce when the digests are ready.

Sorry for the delay.

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