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Upcoming Conventions

We’re in the midst of planning the convention schedule for the first half of 2013, so what follows is a quick list of upcoming conventions where the Tékumel Foundation is planning to showcase the world of Tékumel for fans old and new:

  • U-Con in Ann Arbor, MI, October 26th-28th: there is still enough time for Tékumel fans to register to attend the premier Tékumel gaming event of 2012.  There will be three events related to the Foundation, but an entire weekend of Tékumel Track activities.  While no longer at their old University of Michigan location, U-Con is poised to get even better as it develops in its new location.  (I’m certainly excited about going!)
  • GaryCon in Lake Geneva, WI, March 14-17th, 2013: GaryCon is indeed the premier Old School Gaming event, bringing together many of the names from the earliest days of the hobby.  We are planning on running Tékumel events at this convention, held just outside Lake Geneva at the Geneva Ridge Resort.
  • North Texas RPG Con, in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, June 6th-9th, 2013: I’ve been going to NTRPGCon for the past two years, and every year had a great time.  They are changing venues again, to serve the growing number of people that are attracted to attending this Old School event.

There are some other convention that Tékumel Foundation board members will be attending personally, including but not limited to:

  • Ambercon Northwest:  the 16th annual AmberCon Northwest, held Nov 8-11 at the unique McMenamin’s Resort in Portland, Oregon, is devoted to Roger Zelazny’s worlds of Amber using Amber Diceless RPG, and to diceless and indie RPGs of all kinds. Foundation Boardmember Bob Alberti and fan stalwart Malcolm Heath will be running Tékumel games.
  • PlatteCon in Platteville, WI, March 1st-3rd, 2013: a fun student-run gaming convention at UW-Platteville – while not big, it makes up for it with enthusiasm and a wide range of events.  I’ll be running various games besides Tékumel, including Classic Traveller and Mutant Future.
  • Concrete Cow: a regular games day held by the Milton Keynes RPG Club, on March 9th, 2013.  Foundation Board member Giovanna Fregni has been talking about going – if she’s done with her dissertation defence (wish her luck!).

If there are conventions or events you think the Foundation should attend in 2013, let us know!  Similarly, if you are planning on running Tékumel events for people, tell us.  We’d like to build a calendar of Tékumel-related events to share with the many fans of Prof. Barker’s amazing creation.

In other news, Tékumel’s volunteer archivist, Jeff Berry, is recovering from a rather serious incident.  Go wish him the best and fastest recovery possible.

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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Conventions

  1. Nice of you to mention my game! I’m very much looking forward to sharing some Tekumel love among the Amber gamers at ACNW. This is the second time I’ve run something Tekumel there – and the first time it was very well received.

  2. Hope to explore the underworld some more at GC or NTX, Victor 😀


  3. My game at ACNW went very well – and a sequel has been requested! Soon we will have enough sacrifices to bring forth Origob, errr, more Tekumel fans to join us in our endeavors, I mean. Bob Alberti’s game was also a blast.

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