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Foundation events at U-Con

The Tékumel Foundation is planning on having three events at the U-Con Gaming Convention, to be held at the Marriott Ann Arbor Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest, October 26-28, 2012. Here is a quick run-down:

  • The audiovisual presentation originally shown at the Barker Memorial, held on May 5th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The presentation includes photographs about Prof. Barker’s life and work, including some never-before-seen images from his time in India and Asia, as well as references to Tékumel and gaming.
  • A Tékumel Foundation update and Q&A session. We’ll take some time to discuss with Tékumel fans what the Foundation has been working on in recent months and where we’re going. This will be a chance to get questions answered and for Tékumel fans to provide their thoughts and opinions about what they would like to see.
  • The Jakallan Underworld. Over the past several years, Victor Raymond has been providing opportunities for people to experience the Underworld beneath Jakalla, using Prof. Barker’s own map and key and the rules from Empire of the Petal Throne. Come shiver at the high chiming sound of the hated Ssu, or poke through dusty relics of an earlier time in search of secrets of the Ancients.

Details about event times and locations will be forthcoming between now and the convention. Hope to see many Tékumel fans there!

Jakallan Underworld adventure at NTRPGCon

Victor running the Jakallan Underworld for Jeff Dee, Chris Holmes and others at North Texas RPG Con.

Tekumel fans in St. Louis

Tekumel fans in St. Louis, after adventuring near Jakalla.

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3 thoughts on “Foundation events at U-Con

  1. I hope your Jakalla event does not conflict with one of my events, because I’d love to play a stranger from a strange land, my first time playing Tekumel!

  2. Krista Donnelly on said:

    Oh, this is great. I really wanted to see the presentation at the memorial service, but just couldn’t make it to Minneapolis in May.

  3. spudcld on said:

    You won’t be disappointed Krista. The presentation was absolutely terrific.

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