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Work Continues

Lots of stuff

Files and files

We’ve been quite busy at the offices of the Tekumel Foundation, with over 120 volunteer hours over the past month. This video was shot a couple of weeks ago but we’ve only had the time to post it now! We met our timeline of getting everything out of the storage locker in time to give notice and avoid paying for another month. Now the hard work of sorting and organizing this materiel begins.

Workspace for volunteers

There’s been a lot of associated labor surrounding the move. The windows in the space, and the space itself, needed to be cleaned. There’s an associated kitchenette in which GFI electrical outlets and shelves have been installed, in preparation for providing amenities for volunteers to use. Meanwhile, projects on licensing language and even a new publication are underway.

It has been a busy summer, and it promises to be an even busier autumn!

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3 thoughts on “Work Continues

  1. Nice Bob. I’m glad to see a before picture. Can’t wait to see the good shelved, and the work areas set up and functional!

  2. Otulengba!

  3. Mark Eggert on said:

    Thanks for the update. The Archivist has a lot of work to do!


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